Mobile Phone Colouring Help Section

Playing the colouring games should be really simple if you take a quick look at the start screen, but if your like me you wont have done, so here is a quick help page showing the features of playing the games.

Each kids colouring game has built into it eight drawings to colour in. At the bottom is a banner that brings you back to this site on the main colouring page from there you can choose another themed game to play, giving loads of choices to your children. The games also load without needing 3G or WiFi.

Cat Mobile Phone colouring

Choose different colouring pages within the games by touch the colour block (the one that shows you which colour you have selected) as seen here on the left coloured in purple.

The only other thing to know is that you select the colours from the very top sliding menu. If you slide it to the left you can select from over fifty colours and as I mentioned earlier the colour you have selected appears in the grey box on the left.

I hope you and your Kids enjoy playing the new games